3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Mr. Robot

If you're into cyberpunk hacker-thrillers, USA Network's Mr. Robot might just be the fix you need among the endless parade of superhero, super-lawyer and super-detective series on television these days. Here are some reasons why this exciting new drama is worth viewing: 

Off-beat leads
Rami Malek has played a number of fascinating characters in the past, and his performance in Mr. Robot remains as engaging as ever. Rami plays Elliot, a socially awkward systems security analyst, who moonlights as a vigilante hacker looking out for his friends, until a mysterious hacker, played by a resurgent Christian Slater at his snarky best, hooks him into an ambitious plot to topple the brilliantly referenced Evil Corp., a corporate behemoth with its feelers everywhere in the global economy. Both Slater and Rami bring an off-beat, yet endearing vibe to their performance, and this is what really nails the drama. 

Fight Club-esque anti-corporate theme
Remember Tyler Durden and his toked-up, vitriolic pronouncements about the enslavement tactics of large corporations? Well, the leads in Mr. Robot voice similar opinions, although they resort to cyberpunk methods rather than ultraviolence. In this age with the threat of cyber terrorism an ever-present threat, pervasive government surveillance and the rise of Anonymous, this plot approach makes for intriguing viewing.  

The slightly camp approach and twisting plot
Some of the lines in the series are just camp enough to draw smirks, but not overdone to cringe-worthiness. The plot, too, changes directions consistently to keep you hooked, with mysterious suited men popping up every now and again around Elliot, giving the story an undercurrent of suspense. 

There are high hopes for this spanking new hacker drama on TV, which began ambitiously enough, premiering first on YouTube, rather than on network television. Eyes peeled! 


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3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Mr. Robot
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