3 Reasons Why the Second Season of True Detective is Failing to Impress

The depth of plot and dialogue, and indulgent production of the first season of True Detective, bolstered by searing performances from the leads, raised the series to giddy heights of acclaim. Sadly, though, the series seems to be on the verge of falling flat on its face in its second season. Here are some possible reasons why:

Clumsy design and execution
Each scene in season one seemed to be lovingly crafted to perfection, from the stark, expansive Louisana countryside settings, to the accompanying goth-based soundtrack that lent an unsettling tone somewhere between suspense and horror. Season two, though, appears almost slipshod in comparison, with a scattered narrative that seems to insulate the characters, undermining the powerful star cast. The setting shows California as a smoky maze that seems to wall off the characters even more, heightening the sense of disconnect.

Although it's too early to really pronounce judgment on the performances, it has to be said that the characters underwhelm more than a little compared to the crazy intensity of the leads in season one. Some actors seem to be horribly miscast, looking at the first few episodes, and Vince Vaughn particularly stands out with a bizarre monologue delivered in a manner that almost makes you cringe. There is some promise, though, especially in the performance of Rachel McAdams, playing the many shades to her character with panache. 

Convoluted plot
The writer appears to be overreaching to achieve the heights of season one's intricate plotting and dialogues, making an inscrutable mess of things in the first few episodes. The impression is that the they seem to believe that the hackneyed cop-drama they're currently spinning is something original and powerful, when it's clearly not. Hopefully, things will settle down as the plot progresses.

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