5 essential qualities your partner must have for a happy life together

They say that being in a relationship is about what you have to contribute to make the other one happy. We have been told that the purest form of love is one in which you expect to give and rarely plan to receive. But we believe that it should go both ways for yourself.  

Look for someone who will help you construct a happy life together.  Making one side happy at the expense of the other is not really a healthy relationship.  With that in mind, here are 5 essential qualities that your partner must have in order to have a happy life together.

Emotional Stability

Very few things are more nightmarish than dealing with an emotionally unstable partner, let alone a childish one. This is one trait that affects relationships the most.  A person who is not stable emotionally tends to be anxious, touchy, moody, all characteristics that make a person hard to live with.

The opposite of emotional stability is known as neuroticism and people who suffer it will have more argumentative and negative encounters with their partners. Spare yourself the suffering. 


You should look for someone who is similar to you. We are not referring to being exactly like you. Research has shown that we are attracted to people who are similar to us in values and attitudes. Couples are happier when they share these in a relationship. 


If you feel that you have to be checking on your partner and monitoring their every move, this means that you don't trust them. Once you pry into their every move, trust just goes down the drain and what follows is a parade of arguments. 

Loyalty, Kindness, and Understanding

These traits are usually at the top of the list when people are asked about what they look for in a mate.  There probably are others that top the list, but these three tend to remain in importance as the relationship grows. Research actually found that a partner can have few good qualities, be unattractive, or have a low income as long as they stay loyal and kind. 

Satisfies you

You should seek satisfaction not only in bed but in all areas as well. Chances are that if this person is not able to satisfy you, you will feel compelled to seek satisfaction somewhere else.  That is not any good in a relationship. 


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